Rahul Gandhi Says Rafale documents "Stolen" attacks Modi government

Rahul Gandhi Says Rafale documents "Stolen" attacks Modi government:
Rahul Gandhi Says Rafale documents "Stolen" attacks Modi government
Rahul Gandhi Says Rafale documents "Stolen" attacks Modi government

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi today tended to the media over the Rafale bargain debate. his remarks come multi day after he said there is "sufficient proof" to indict Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the issue. Mr Gandhi, who has been asserting debasement and buddy private enterprise in the arrangement, had tweeted that it was an instance of "clear concealment".

Here are the features of what Rahul Gandhi said to the media over the Rafale Deal discussion:

Employments have vanished, financial development has vanished and now even the Rafale documents have vanished.

The target of this administration is to influence things to vanish.

The Chowkidaar must be remained careful.

The record says "PMO is completing last exchanges." Carry out an enquiry over this as well.

(Addressing an inquiry from the media) You yourself concur that papers were stolen. This implies papers are genuine.

Regardless of whether they were stolen is an alternate thing. What is progressively essential is that equity must be done on reality that is composed on that bit of paper.

It is the administration's activity and the court's business to do equity.

The legislature has acknowledged that these papers were stolen, thus affirming that these are true, so where is the uncertainty? This is verification.

I am not charging anything any longer.

Government reports are stating it for themselves.

You can charge anything you need to on anyone. Yet in addition press charges on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The truth of where the cash has truly gone, will likewise turn out slowly.

In the event that you are wanting to squeeze charges dependent on the Official Secrets Act, kindly do.

In any case, that implies since reports are credible, there ought to be charges squeezed against the Prime Minister as well.

PM Modi performed sidestep medical procedure in Rafale bargain.

Buy postponed to profit Anil Ambani.

The administration is controlling foundations to spare PM Modi, as indicated by news organization PTI

On the off chance that the Prime Minister isn't liable, at that point for what reason would he say he is himself not completing an examination?

On the off chance that he truly isn't liable, at that point why the dread?

Complete it and let the world realize that you're totally perfect.

PM Modi inspired ISI to test Pathankot assault.

He welcomed then Pak PM Nawaz Sharif for his swearing-in.

PM Modi is the blurb kid of Pakistan, not us.

Nowadays everything is by all accounts vanishing... Occupations for two crore youth - vanished, guarantee of Rs 15 lakh for all residents - vanished, guarantees of right cost for homestead produce - vanished, financial development - vanished... what's more, presently, even the Rafale records - vanished.

They state they need to research media for missing Rafale records, however they would prefer not to explore the individual who stole ₹30,000Cr, and who directed parallel dealings in Rafale bargain, for which there is verification, tweeted Congress, citing its leader Rahul Gandhi

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